Math is Cool is a very popular math competition in Washington State. It began in the spring of 1996. It include both individual and team events. Individual events include completion of open-ended and multiple choice problem sets. Team events include open-ended problem sets, relays, pressure rounds, mental math and college bowl rounds.

MENTAL MATH – 30 seconds/question, 8 problems。 Once you have a solution, record it on the sheet in front of you. You may not change or cross out answers on ce you have written an answer down.

COLLEGE BOWL – up to 10 minutes per round, 10 problems per round. The format is similar to Math Counts Count down.

Here are the mental math and college bowl problems organized in the daily basis. Every day 5-10 mins. We will publish the problems on the weekdays. Join us, practice every day, after 20 days, your kid’s math will leap.

Note: Math Is Cool is a mathematics competition facilitated by the 503c organization Academics Are Cool. for students in 4th through 12th grades in the state of Washington and surrounding communities. The high score teams and individual participate in “championship contest” will be invited to “masters contest”. Both championship contest and masters contest include individual and team events. Among the events, mental math and college bowl rounds require students listen to the questions. provides the audio format of mental math and college bowl questions for students to do practice.

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