We provide innovative and interactive online problem solving, critical thinking, math and reading exercises for kids aged from 3 to 9 (preschooler to fourth grader). Those exercises will effectively help children master the core knowledge and skills, develop their critical thinking skills and grow their minds. We have helped thousands of students excel gifted entrance exams!

There are three types of membership.

Free Membership

You can register for a Free Membership. You will receive free math games and a set of free sample GATE practices.

General Membership

After you join the free membership, you can choose to upgrade to General Membership.

Grade K-2 General Membership

Grade 3-4 General Membership

Advanced Membership

Based on the annual membership test result, we identified the areas with the highest error rate. Advanced membership has access to more than 60 sets of problems in these areas as well as all the problems in the annual membership. You have free access to all these problems for a year.

You can upgrade here after register, the membership fee is nonrefundable.

Grade K-2 Advanced Membership

Grade 3-4 Advanced Membership

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